Tynton Group is establishing itself as the leading destination of choice for innovators and investors who are focused on technology solutions aligned to societal and public sector demand.

  As a society we face increasing uncertainty and we cannot rely on others to take action. The problem is that innovation is booming, but also slipping through the net for those who need it most. Inclusive growth and digital inclusion is required to support and sustain social value.

Public services are the frontline of change but they are unloved, underfunded and largely ignored by traditional Venture Capital. We are experts in deploying technology into high impact use cases that generate positive financial, operational and social outcomes.


Our team is passionate about the investment thesis of the fund.


Our values and financial interests are aligned with yours.


We actively measure the impact that our capital has on society.


We exist at the point in which companies need sector expertise most.


Enviable network which continues to unlock portfolio growth.


More than just a fund, enabling innovation, capital and ventures.

The key to an ecosystem is collaboration. Meet some of our strategic partners and past investments.

Strategic Partners

Digital Reef

Gawah Holdings

Past Investments

Ark Data Centres


Doctor Care Anywhere



Meet the awesome team behind Tynton Group. Committed to unlocking a market poorly served by traditional venture firms.

Jeff Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Ellams

Investment Director

David Reynolds

Venture Director

James Gilbert

Chief Operating Officer

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